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davetestascViewers: 0
ESL EPT Open Cup Asia 136 b
GM Turtle Zerg shaking off the rust
MustangSCViewers: 11
Grinding to 4000 Recent WN8 discord
wintergamingViewers: 735
SC2 Random player salty about every matchupstarcraftwinterDiscord Youtube
monstercatViewers: 159
Non Stop Music - Monstercat TV
tha504headbussaViewers: 5
Tha Headbussas Lounge LVL 38 AGGRESSIVE PLAYS QUESTIN STACKIN RUB Vibes Ultra Settings 5k Ultrawide gaspriceswaytoohigh
shuuyiwViewers: 21
Master terran ladderin charity
steadfastscViewers: 65
400 ESL Open Cup Korea 136 bracket streak youtube delay

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